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Oliver Drotbohm

Architecturally evident Spring applications with jMolecules

Oliver Drotbohm - VMware

Spring applications are usually written using a certain framework or at least based on a particular platform. Some of them provide means to express architectural concepts, but usually, there’s a gap between architectural and design patterns and the actual code. Closing that gap is a challenge, and it’s hard to separate code from technology.

jMolecules is a framework independent library to express well-known architectural patterns in Java code and let technical integration with frameworks like Spring, compliance with implementation heuristics and documentation of the system’s current arrangement be derived from that.

The talk gives an overview of the fundamental idea and the way jMolecules allows developers to make use of it. We then discuss a variety of optional technology integration into Spring, Jackson, JPA, and MongoDB as well as how to generate, high-level, structural documentation from that.

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