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Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Oleg Šelajev

Build resilient systems with Spring Cloud Contract and Testcontainers

Olga Maciaszek-Sharma - VMware / Oleg Šelajev - AtomicJar

Verifying behaviors of the cloud-native applications and ensuring that all of the services in the system work correctly together is both crucial and challenging. Manually maintaining environments to test the correctness of the entire system is undevops-like and fragile.

Luckily, modern tools can help you to build automated, reliable test pipelines, and in this session, we explore how using Spring Cloud Contract and Testcontainers together can improve your testing and deployment processes.

Spring Cloud Contract is an implementation of Consumer-Driven Contracts, an approach that provides a way to easily describe and verify APIs, at the same time allowing building API backward compatibility verification into the deployment process.

Testcontainers lets developers programmatically build test environments consisting of real services running in lightweight and disposable containers. It turns the process of integration testing into a seamless, unit-test-like experience.

In this presentation, we’ll show how contract and integration tests complement each other and explore one of the most natural and reliable approaches to service evolution with contract testing. We’ll discuss why in Spring Cloud Contract, we’ve decided to switch to using Testcontainers as the solution for Kafka and AMQP messaging verification and demonstrate practical use-cases and code examples of how to set up both types of tests in your applications and deployment pipelines.

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