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Anton Arhipov

Debugging applications with IntelliJ IDEA

Anton Arhipov - JetBrains

Learn IntelliJ IDEA tips & tricks for debugging your applications. It’s a deep dive! We are going to explore the advanced debugger features and how to use them efficiently.

Historically, debuggers are used to help locate and fix bugs. Nowadays, the debugger in IntelliJ IDEA can help you do much more than that. We’ll show how the debugger helps make the development process more productive. We’ll explain how some debugger features like lambdas debugging, smart step into, and async stack traces work and how it is possible only because of the tight integration with other IDE features. You will also learn new ways to use the IntelliJ IDEA debugger in your everyday work.

Discover various features for debugging Java applications, including not-so-standard ones, like:

-lambda breakpoints
-stream chain tracing
-dropping the frame
-emulated method breakpoint
-evaluate and log
-non-suspending breakpoints and some others

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