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Iván López

Dynamic OpenAPIs with Spring Cloud Gateway

Iván López - VMware

Imagine this scenario. You follow an OpenAPI-first approach when designing your services. You have a distributed architecture with multiple services and all of them expose a RESTful API and have their OpenAPI Specification. Now you use Spring Cloud Gateway in front of them so you can route the requests to the appropriate service and apply cross-cutting concerns. But, what happens with the OpenAPI of every service? It would be great if you could generate a unique OpenAPI for the whole system in the Gateway. You could also expose and transform only selected endpoints when defining them as public. And what about the routes? You would like to reconfigure them dynamically and on-the-fly in the Gateway when there is a change in a service, right?

Stop imagining. In this talk, I will show you how we have done that in our product and how we are leveraging the programmatic Spring Cloud Gateway API to reconfigure the routes on the fly. You will also see it in action during the demo!

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