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Michele Mauro
Kliment Ratkushinoski

From enterprise analysis to sustainable implementation with OpenAPI and tools

Michele Mauro - Aton / Kliment Ratkushinoski - Aton

Enterprise software must capture and enable the characteristics of business. This often means complex rules, hairy and very nuanced data models accompanied by an overwhelming and diffused boredom. The same is true for implementation whereby keeping the focus and the energy necessary to coordinate various teams working on a complex enterprise system is not an easy task.

Using Spring, the OpenAPI standards, their tools and building some tools ourselves, we have been able to enstablish a value chain of software development that keeps API designers, backend and frontend developers engaged on the same page and free as possible of boring work. All while producing working and tested software in a sustainable (and sustained) pace.

We want to share our story to help you evaluate if these methods can help your organization to collaborate and work better and more effectively.

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