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David Gomez Garcia

Hidden gems and traps that you probably didn't think of using Event Sourcing.

David Gomez Garcia - AxonIQ

Have you heard of Event-Sourcing pattern? In these days of scalable, distributed applications, we will introduce a few practical considerations on Why, when and how to use Event-Sourcing. Some traps and benefits and how to easily do Event-Sourcing right with SpringBoot and AxonFramework.

Very likely you would have heard many related concepts about Event-Driven Architectures so popular these days. In this session we will to focus on Event-Sourcing: and we will put it in its context and compare it with other event-based communication mechanisms.

Specifically, we will answer three very specific questions:

  • The what: What exactly is Event-Sourcing? And how does it differ from other techniques related to Event-Driven Architectures?
  • The Why: what does Event Sourcing bring you in your case?
  • The how: What should you take into account and how should you implement Event-Sourcing to get the most out of its benefits? But we will also mention things to keep in mind if you want to avoid some uncomfortable pains and problems.

We will finish by showing three practical examples where applied Event-Sourcing provides us with real benefits.

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