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Thorsten Jakoby
Mirna Alaisami

Live Hacking Cloud Architectures

Thorsten Jakoby - Novatec Consulting / Mirna Alaisami - Novatec Consulting

See a live attack and defence of typical Kubernetes utilizing cloud architecture. Spring applications are configured and observed like many our customers do. We’ll compromise them and leak data.

One speaker attacks, one speaker defends. Let’s see who’ll win this time.

As more organizations are moving to the cloud, cloud architectures are getting more sophisticated by having a kind of technology diversity. This includes for example container orchestrators, database services, event meshes, networking components and virtual machines.

When it comes to security, observability on this diversity is paramount. The main question here is, do you really perceive when your app landscape is under attack?

In this session, you will have the opportunity to see various attack vectors and ways to mitigate and observe them. Many technologies will be used such as Kubernetes, eBPF, Cillium, Falco and much more!

Come and watch a live attack on a real-world based cloud architecture and see the attacker scan web applications and start lateral movement with the goal of exfiltrating data. Furthermore, become a part of the blue-team, defending and securing the architecture with modern open source tools.

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