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Andreas Falk

Microservices on the Edge with Spring Cloud Gateway [Workshop]

Andreas Falk - Novatec Consulting

An API Gateway is a pattern that is widely adopted in Microservice architectures. It encapsulates the internal Microservices architecture and provides a specially tailored API for each client. It might also cover other cross-cutting concerns such as authentication, monitoring, caching, and resiliency.

Building upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2, Spring Cloud Gateway provides the edge service for your cloud-native Microservice applications. As a successor to Zuul Gateway, Spring Cloud Gateway provides a much more flexible API for the configuration. In addition, functionality such as rate-limiting, and WebSocket routing are supported out of the box. In this workshop, we will dive into Spring Cloud Gateway and implement an API Gateway for Spring-Boot-based Microservice applications.

Attendees of this workshop can expect to learn about:

-Introduction to Reactive Streams and Project Reactor
-Basic gateway features like routing and pre-/post filters
-Configuration using Properties and the Fluent Java Routes API
-Circuit Breaker integration using Resilience4J
-Request Rate Limiting
-Adding Security HTTP Headers
-Authentication with OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect
-Monitor route definitions using the actuator endpoint


JDK 17
A Java IDE
A modern web browser
A client tool to call a REST API (Curl, Postman, …)
Docker and docker compose

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