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Thomas Vitale

Multitenant Mystery: Only Rockers in the Building

Thomas Vitale - Systematic

Multitenancy is one of the pillars of modern SaaS solutions. Cloud native technologies provide scalability, resilience and cost efficiency. But we also need to ensure the proper level of isolation, security and data control among tenants. This talk will show how to do that in Java and Spring.

Every bean has a secret. To uncover the truth, we must dive into the mysterious world of multitenancy in Spring Boot. The plot thickens as a precious guitar goes missing from a residential building housing only rockers. But something doesn’t quite add up - why is there a deafening silence?

Join us on a thrilling journey as we explore the intricacies of multitenant applications. Together, we’ll embark on a detective mission to uncover what really happened to the stolen guitar. As we investigate, we’ll reveal the secrets of storing data safely and securely, configuring authentication and authorization, and enabling observability - all using Java, Hibernate, Keycloak, and Spring.

Put on your detective hat and join us in solving this mystery. We need your expertise to interrogate tenants, analyze facility staff routines, and review surveillance footage. With your help, we will solve the case and bring music back to the building. Get ready to unravel the plot and learn how to implement multitenancy in modern Java applications.

Will you join us on this thrilling adventure?

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