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Thomas Schuehly

Rapid server-side full stack web development with Thymeleaf and htmx

Thomas Schuehly - Mimacom

When thinking about rapid full stack web development, your first thought doesn’t go to Spring but instead you think about full stack JavaScript frameworks like Next.js. With the power of Thymeleaf, htmx, and supabase, full stack development with Spring can be as productive as JavaScript.

Full stack web development with Spring normally assumes that you are developing a SPA client-side JavaScript application and a Spring Boot based JSON API. This paradigm will presumably shift with the advancements, made by the growing full stack Spring web developer community. This talk will show you how you can rapidly develop full stack web applications with Thymeleaf, htmx, and supabase. Whilst not using JavaScript, htmx gives you client-side interactivity with just a few simple HTML attributes. Thymeleaf server-rendered ViewComponents enable you to test your HTML independently, reuse it more efficiently and solve structural problems when developing. The supabase-spring-boot-starter simplifies the setup of your Spring Security and supercharges your authentication and authorization, while also setting up a hosted Postgres database for you.

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