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DaShaun Carter

Recipes for Redis and Spring Boot 3, beyond caching

DaShaun Carter - VMware

Redis is usually “already in the building,” still most developers don’t know how powerful and flexible it is, for use cases beyond caching. For Spring developers, Redis has first class integrations for Caching and Session Management already. Single-digit-ms JSON search response is the showstopper!

Have you heard? Redis is an excellent fix for broken architectures. This session will take you beyond caching and dive into other widespread use cases for Redis with Spring Boot 3. You will learn about the data types provided by Redis and how to use them effectively in Spring. You will learn to use Redis as a rate limiter and for session management with Spring Boot. Finally, you will discover the power of Redis for JSON searching and autocomplete. This session is for developers of all levels wanting to increase the performance and capabilities of their Spring Boot applications.

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