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Oliver Drotbohm
Thomas Schuehly
Wim Deblauwe

Server-side rendering (SSR) with Spring [BoF]

Oliver Drotbohm - VMware / Thomas Schuehly - Mimacom / Wim Deblauwe - Independent

Server-Side Rendering has re-gained significant traction in the web application communities of various programming languages. Spring Boot has always had great integration with Thymeleaf, the ubiquitous template engine in the Java world. But most recently, thin JavaScript libraries like Hotwire and HTMX have helped the overall idea to level up even more.

In this BoF session, we will briefly lay out the state of affairs in the Boot ecosystem, but would then like to hear from you about your experiences building server-side rendered web applications with Boot. How do you approach such applications today? What complementary and competing libraries do you use? What could a more streamlined integration into Spring Boot look like? So: join us for a session of exchange and discussion.

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