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Tom Hombergs

Spring Boot Extended

Tom Hombergs - Atlassian

Spring Boot is the core of the main tech stack in which Atlassian developers build (micro-)services. These services run on a platform that provides cross-cutting features like dedicated environments, authentication, load balancing, resources like queues or databases, metrics and tracing, logging, a lifecycle, and much more.

Spring Boot already brings a lot of features ready for our developers to use, but it can’t provide a ready-to-use integration with our platform offerings because, well, they are specific to our platform. Instead, Spring Boot aims to be extensible so that we can build the features that are specific to our context ourselves.

This talk shows some real-life use cases we faced when integrating Spring Boot with our platform. We will take a tour through Spring Boot’s excellent extension points and how we used them to build a set of Spring Boot starters that do all the integration work for the developer.

If you have a platform to integrate with and want to compare notes, or if you are just interested in how to extend Spring Boot, this talk is for you!

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