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Mauricio Salatino

Spring Boot in a Polyglot Cloud-Native World with Dapr

Mauricio Salatino - Diagrid

Forget about adding libraries to connect with your database or message brokers. Dapr provides a set of Cloud-Native interfaces and components that allow developers to focus on coding their features instead of worrying about the infrastructure that is needed to run their applications.

Have you ever realized that the database driver version used in your production environment differs from the one you use for development? Have you ever suffered the pain of another team using a different programming language that doesn’t allow you to expose metrics in the same way that you do in your spring boot applications?

In this session, we will be looking at Dapr, a Cloud Native set of interfaces that enable developers to build distributed applications quickly, no matter the programming language that they are using. By using Dapr and its provided interfaces, you decouple the infrastructure your applications need to run from their implementations, enabling developers to quickly iterate and build features without worrying about language-specific drivers or libraries that need to be included and maintained inside their applications. This session will focus on the Dapr Spring Boot integrations and show how developers can quickly get started by showing a live demo (running on Kubernetes) that uses a wide range of Dapr Components.

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