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Ayush Mitta

Welcome, Spring for Websockets

Ayush Mitta - ING

“WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection”. WebSockets are popular alternative to HTTP for building real time, gaming and chat applications. The goal of this talk is to provide a comprehensive overview of the features available in Spring for WebSocket support. The talk will introduce STOMP messaging with Spring and will show how to create an interactive web application using Spring where client and server will talk via WebSockets.

WebSockets are exciting for developers because they allow for bidirectional realtime communication between servers and clients. WebSockets are available on many platforms, including the most common browsers and mobile devices. They’re often applied to solve problems of millisecond-accurate state synchronization and publish-subscribe messaging, both of which leverage WebSockets’ provision for downstream pushes.

While they are popular, WebSockets are also a mystery for developers who sometimes are too familiar with HTTP. With WebSockets gaining so much popularity it is important that Spring features related to WebSockets be made more popular and easily accessible. Spring boot is the first choice for any Java based HTTP application and the simplicity with which Websockets are supported in Spring should also make it first choice framework for building WebSocket based applications.

Audience in this talk will not only be introduced to the advantages of WebSocket over HTTP, they will also have a clear idea of how to get started with WebSockets using their favourite Spring framework. It’s the kind of talk that will attract both programmers and also architects and business who would like to learn how WebSockets solve the problems that HTTP suffers with.

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