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Adib Saikali

Adib Saikali


Adib Saikali is a global field principal solutions engineer at VMWare Tanzu, focused on helping VMware’s largest customers design and build cloud native applications and platforms using Spring and Kubernetes. Adib is the author of “Securing Cloud Applications” a book that teaches fundamental security technologies and protocols required to secure cloud native applications to application developers. Over the past 25 years Adib has worked at startups and global enterprises on numerous software systems in a variety of roles, from software developer, architect, agile coach, and CTO. He has developed a 360-degree view of what it takes to build software systems quickly, efficiently, and economically. Adib’s favourite quote is “live you are going to die tomorrow, learn like you are going to live forever” attributed to Mahatma Gandhi.


- Securing the Service-to-Service Call Chain Patterns and Protocols
- The Easy Way to Run and Scale Spring Apps on Cloud

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