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Philipp Gerhard

Philipp Gerhard


Hi, I am Philipp Gerhard, 30 years old, living close to Stuttgart (Germany) and working as a developer / tech lead / tech principal at Thoughtworks.

I’ve been a software developer for just over 10 years. And from the beginning I’ve been using Java and Spring. Starting out I was working at a small / medium sized enterprise in Germany that is the global leader for sustainability software. There I was part of the team building out their microservice based SaaS offering. In the cloud this offering serves over 50,000 customers all over the world, and by leveraging the powers of Spring it also fully supports being deployed on in-house data centres. Now that I am at Thoughtworks I have the opportunity to apply my deep knowledge of the Spring ecosystem across a wide breadth of problems in order to best serve the needs of our clients.

Spring / Spring Boot / Spring Cloud with Java (or more recently also Kotlin) has long been my preferred framework for developing cloud-native applications. I have extensive experience with many aspects of the Spring ecosystem (MVC, Security, Integration, Data etc.) and when I look across to other languages I have yet to find a comparable ecosystem.

When I am not working on software you can find me doing one of three things. Either I am mountaineering in the alps, in the winter this means backcountry skiing and in the summer rock climbing. If I am not mountaineering I can be found preparing to participate in yet another triathlon (half-ironman distance) or I’ll be sailing a yacht around one of the many European cruising grounds.


- Avoid the Distributed Monolith - Moving Towards Mature Scalable Microservice Applications with Spring

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